the state of the youth

Generation Y is tired of the darkness. Tired of wars. Tired of famine. Tired of sickness. Tired of racism and sexism and the status quo. Tired of homophobia. Tired of hatred. Generation Y sees the world not as it is but as it should be. Generation Y refuses to settle with complacency and requires something more.

No longer limited to a single paradigm. No longer limited to a single perspective. No longer limited by expectations. No longer limited by aspirations. A fresh point of view is a click away a fresh idea is a click away a fresh start is a click away. The time is now.

The world is more interdependent and divided than ever. We are in the same lane but on different streets. On one street there are dreamers and on the other there are doers. The dreamers have it figured out. The dreamers are blessed with retrospect. Our forefathers made mistakes and never learned from them. We have. Ignorance is the only sin. Dreamers walk with open minds. Dreamers know that we are improving and dreamers know that we are going to be okay. Dreamers lack action. The doers have it figured out. The doers are blessed with initiative. Our forefathers made innovations and never capitalized on them. We have. Laziness is the only sin. Doers walk with ambition. Doers know that we are improving and doers know that we are going to be okay. Doers lack perspective.

The human race rests on the shoulders of teenagers that aren’t scared of their dreams. The teenager that refuses to be content. The teenager that refuses to allow gatekeepers box them in is Jesus Christ.

Fuck staying in your lane. Fuck doing what is expected. Fuck following the pipe dreams of your parents and grandparents. Fuck respecting the elders that put us in this mess. Fuck saying sorry for being right. Fuck saying sorry for being in the right. Fuck stagnation and fuck moving backwards. Fuck naysayers. Fuck gatekeepers. Fuck validation from anyone but yourself.

Embrace your imperfections. The things that make us imperfect are the things that make us human. You are exactly who you should be. Everything that you hate about yourself is everything that makes you unique. People that tell you to change are the same people that wish they could change themselves. Follow your intuition and never take advice. No one knows you like you know yourself. No one can say you are doing something wrong when you are doing what you feel is right.

We fall in love with twitter avitars and we express emotions through blue text boxes with carefully chosen emojis. Earth has shrunk to the size of your school cafeteria. It’s harder than ever to be yourself when every lunch table wants you to conform to a cookie cutter personality. This is the biggest obstacle the youth faces. It is time to stop separating each other with labels. We can no longer wait. The time is now. The fate of the world rests on your shoulders. Being something that someone else wants you to be is refusing the cross you have to bare. It’s too easy to be an indigo. It’s too easy to be a hypebeast. It’s too easy to be a photographer. It’s too easy to sing. It’s too easy to like indie rock. It’s too easy to wear Stussy. It’s too easy to love film. It’s too easy to say that not everyone is creative. Challenge yourself and never stay in your lane. Make what you want to make. Wear what you want to wear. Like what you like. Fuck limiting yourself. The fate of the world is on your shoulders.

Creativity exists everywhere. Someone that isn’t creative is dead. Do what you want to do and it will happen creatively.

Trends come and go but cool is forever. You are forever. Every retweet and every like and every reblog and every upload is history in the making. We are history and you are DaVinci and Shakespeare and Warhol and Lincoln and Napoleon and Plato. We are creators with teeth. If you want to be the best you might get your ass beat but you might be Muhammad Ali. Bad taste is vulgar and not believing in yourself is death. You did not become who you are in a day you became who you are from the countless let downs and failures and successes the only thing that you can do wrong is stop. Empower your brothers and sisters or end up in the same situation as generations before us.


by @joshlohin

by @joshlohin

by @joshlohin

by @joshlohin

by @joshlohin

by @joshlohin


2 thoughts on “the state of the youth

  1. Titus, thank you so much. You have inspired me countless times and have helped me grow exponentially. Thank you for helping me become more confident in my own ideas and exposing me to new ones. I will work with you on something one day. Love you.


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